Hot Flash Help – Solutions to Help Alleviate Hot Flashes

Hot Flash Help - Ideas to Help You Cool Off and Feel Better Fast!

One of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world has to be hot flashes. They sneak up on you with no warning and you feel helpless to endure them as they run their course.

If they hit during the day it can cause a meltdown for hair, makeup and clothes. At night they steal your sleep and the effects linger though the next day.

Hot flashes take a toll on you physically and emotionally. This article will give you some hot flash help solutions to feel better fast!

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Wearable Solutions for Hot Flashes

Imagine a device that looks like you are wearing a headset. You blend in with the tech crowd listening to a podcast. Check out these neck cooling tubes that will help keep you cool and ward off hot flashes. The specs on this product boasts material originally engineered for NASA, no batteries needed, no condensation, freezes fast and non-toxic. Sounds like cooling relief!

When you have a hot flash, you are hot from head to toe. Take a look at these Cold Therapy Socks. They have ice pack inserts to keep your feet cold and you can wash the socks. Clean and cool!

Nighttime Relief for Hot Flashes

Wouldn’t it be great to have relief for hot flashes at night so you can get a good night’s sleep? The Hot Flash Pillow can be used for a quick cool down and it is much more flexible than an ice pack. You can put it in your regular pillow for a quick cool down to help you get to sleep or put it around your neck while getting dressed to stay cool. It provides relief in a steamy bathroom while you are trying to put on clothes and makeup. Something to help you get out the door with a smile!

For bedding solutions to help with hot flashes and night sweats, check out this Cooling Pillowcase. It is made of chill cooling fibers to take the heat away from you as you sleep.

Try a Cooling Body Mat to sleep on in your bed. According to the specifications It is a pressure-activated cooling gel mat that instantly provides cool relief. It does not require water, electricity or refrigeration. Sweet, COOL, dreams!

Portable Air Conditioning Relief

Sometimes I wish I had my own air conditioner to cool the room I sleep in without freezing the whole house and everyone in it. Check out this Portable Air Conditioner. It could be a great solution if you have access to a window to vent it. These units have become very popular this year for everything from economical cooling for one room in a house or dorm, camping, or even cooling an outdoor enclosed porch. I think the greatest use would be for a cool sleeping room for someone with hot flashes!

Personal Hot Flash Relief

When a hot flash hits you often wish you could take a cold shower. Try these Cold Shower Disposable Towels to cool down fast and get back to life. They have large and small sizes to provide a blast of instant cold relief. And relief is just what we are after!

Cool Foods to Fight a Hot Flash

Salads are a great way to cool your body from the inside out. They are one of the greatest sources to hydrate your body since your body absorbs water from vegetables and fruits. You might like this salad featured on Food and Life Path. Enjoy!


We welcome your comments about hot flash help below. Let us know what has helped you alleviate hot flashes and we might feature it in an upcoming article.

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