Corn Casserole

“Take a moment out of the day to enjoy what's on your plate.”

- Anonymous

Large Radish

Some of the best things in life are shared...

Think of meals with family and friends

Celebrations  and  Get Togethers

Laughter and the Sharing of Life

Sharing meals is sharing Happiness.

We invite you to share fun times and make great memories

with those that are special in your life.

If you need something simple, but profound 

to share 'round the table

We invite you to try a recipe that is wrapped in many of our family memories...

Because some of the Best Things in life are Shared.

Corn Casserole

Made with 5 simple ingredients.   Mix them together in a bowl and bake it in a dish in the oven. Take it with you to share the best memories.

Corn Casserole...  Make your meals memorable...