Plump Lips

Plump lips print of lips and lipstick.

Are you searching for a way to naturally plump your lips and make them appear bigger? A solution for getting naturally bigger lips may be to do a few simple massage techniques around your lips using healthy oils to enhance the condition of your skin. Read on to see which oils are best for your skin type and how to use them to make your lips healthier and appear fuller.

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Lip Plump

A simple massaging exercise using only the touch of your fingers and a little oil could help you achieve fuller lips. Massaging a tiny bit of oil into the skin around the lips can help tone the skin area, increase circulation and helps activate your skin’s collagen production. Gentle massage will help work the skin around your mouth to create fuller lips naturally.

Please consult with your doctor or dermatologist for professional advise concerning skin care. This article does not provide professional advice. Always test any products carefully on a small area of your skin to be sure you do not have any adverse effects. When in doubt, consult with your doctor.

Types of Oils

Best Oils to Use for Normal Type Skin

For normal skin, choose an oil that is not too heavy. Good ones to try are argan oil and rosehips. Argan oil contains a high concentration of Vitamin E which aids in repairing your skin.

Rosehip oil contains carotenoids which contributes to fresh and healthy skin as it creates new skin cells. It also has Vitamin F which is a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is beneficial for trapping moisture in your skin and protecting it from damage.

Normal skin types should avoid heavy oils such as jojoba, or grapeseed oils. If you want to get some of that healthy omega-3 and omega-6 naturally in your diet check out this delicious and easy recipe from Food and Life Path: Salmon with Pineapple Salsa. Salmon is a good source of omega fatty acids.

Best Oils to Use for Dry Skin

For dry skin, choose an oil to massage with that is soothing and provides hydration. Both avocado oil and rosehip oil are healing and moisturizing.

Avocado oil has beta carotene, protein, and Vitamins A, D and E. It helps moisturize and protect skin and can increase collagen metabolism.

Rosehip oil has Vitamin F and omega fatty acids. It helps trap moisture and hydrate your skin.

Best Serums for Oily Skin

Oily skin needs a gel or water-based oil, serum, or moisturizer. Combining a small amount of jojoba or rosehip oil with a water-based serum or moisturizer to apply to your skin is the best way to achieve moisture without being overly oily or heavy.

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How to Plump Lips

Now that you know a little about choosing the correct oil for your skin type, use about 1/8th of a teaspoon amount of oil to rub into your skin. That’s about the size of a peanut.

Start with clean hands and a cleansed face. After washing your face in the morning or evening is a good time to incorporate this into your routine a couple of times a week. Monday to start the week and Friday to start the weekend or whatever days fit your schedule. You can even make it a last step in the shower before drying off.

Step 1

Place a small amount of the oil that you chose for your skin type on your middle finger. Apply a dot of oil to the skin that is just above the center of your top lip beneath your nose. Apply another dot to the left and right of it. Next use both middle fingers to massage the oil into your facial skin in outward circles. Imagine making the letter “o” with each middle finger above your upper lip. Each circle rotates in opposite directions.

Next, move the circular massage towards the outer corners or your upper lip while gently massaging the oil into your skin.

Step 2

As you get to the outer corners of your upper lip continue massaging the side corners of your mouth. Next move down to the skin below your mouth and massage in tiny circles pulling in an outward direction toward each ear.

Step 3

Continue moving around your lips from top to corners to bottom while massaging for 30 seconds.

Step 4

For maximum plumpness repeat Steps 1 to 3 directly on the skin of your lips. Repeat these steps two days a week as part of your facial cleansing routine.

Healthy Tips

Healthy skin is affected by many factors. Environment, stress, diet, sleep, and skin care all play a part. Some tips to help you have optimum skin – including those lips include diet choices, circulation, relaxation and exercise.


Choose a variety of natural foods for your diet. Fruits, vegetables and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Foods that are part of a Mediterranean Diet provide anti-inflammatory benefits which helps your skin appear smoother and clearer. Check out our recipes at Food and Life Path. A simple fruit salad is easy and healthy!


Massages feel great and help blood circulation. They help eliminate toxins and give oxygen and vitamins to your whole body. Whether it’s a professional massage, chair or neck massage at home your body will get the benefits. A great tip is to use a body brush before showering or bedtime to help circulation.


Relaxation can take many forms. Quiet meditation, thankfulness, deep and slow breathing all help to lower your stress level. Try a soothing bath complete with bath bombs and a tray. Put on some relaxing music to help unwind.


Stretching, Yoga, and Dancing to Music are fun ways to get moving. All help to relieve stress and release those feel good endorphins and feel better.


Can I wear lipstick on top of the oil I massaged in?

Yes! The oil that you chose for your skin type will provide an extra barrier to keep lipstick from drying out your lips.

How do I plump lips using makeup?

Using a color that is close to your lip shade, choose lipliner and lipstick. Line slightly outside the perimeter of your lips with lip liner. Fill in lips with a matte lipstick. Finish with a non-sticky lip gloss for full, beautiful lips!

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