How to Cook Using Your Instant Pot

Cook Using Your Instant Pot

How to Assemble

To cook using your instant pot begin by getting your Instant Pot ready.  Be sure to visit our Instant Pot Recipes for delicious recipes to try. They are quick and easy to prepare.

How to Cook Pork Tenderloin in the Instant Pot,

Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

Fresh Purple Hull Peas in the Instant Pot

First Step

Plug it in and the display will light up. (Note:  If you accidentally unplug the cord from the instant pot while moving it, it will not light up.  Check to be sure it is connected to the pot if you ever have it not light up when you plug it in.)   

Inner Pot

The silver pot will sit in the chamber to cook.  I always put food in the pot while it is outside the chamber and then set it inside the chamber so I don’t spill anything in the cooking area. I also lift it out of the chamber and set it on a potholder or heat resistant surface to serve the food for the same reason – to keep from dripping or spilling food in the cooking area.  I love using my Instant Pot and want to keep it clean inside and out!

Instant Pot Silver Pot
Instant Pot Silver Pot


Make sure the milky white plastic looking seal is in place underneath the silver ring.  Note:  You may have colored seals instead of the milky white ones. I use my finger to get it started and run around it until it is in place.

Instant Pot Top
Instant Pot Top

First you place the silver pot with food in it inside the chamber.  Next set the round top in the grooves with the close / open words slightly to the bottom right as you are looking at the top. (It was hard for me to find the right spot when I first purchased the instant pot.  I had to move it around slightly until I felt it slip in the groove.) 

Sealing the Lid

There are markings on the rim of the chamber that show a lock and unlock symbol.  You can line the triangle on the top up with the unlock symbol.   Next put your hand on the outer handle and twist clockwise to the right until the triangle lines up with the lock symbol.  The instant pot makes a kind of musical sound like you are winning the jackpot!

Instant Pot Pressure Valve
Instant Pot Pressure Valve

After the lid is locked in place, put the pressure vent on top in the sealing position.  DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE VENTING POSITION.  If you do, you might have a messy volcano of juices spewing out the top after cooking begins.  Not hazardous – just messy!  In my opinion, putting the vent in the sealing position to start with is really the only thing you have to double-check before walking away.

Cleaning Your Instant Pot

You can wash the silver pot in the sink or place the it in the dishwasher.  I prefer to always hand wash the top, seals, and vent.  They don’t get very dirty and are easy to soap up and rinse quickly. Do not put the whole appliance in the dishwasher or water. Simply wipe it with a damp dishcloth and dry with a towel.

I keep the instant pot on my kitchen counter so it is always ready for the next cooking adventure!

Recipe Ideas

Try out your new instant pot with one of our latest instant pot recipes.  I hope you enjoy!

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