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Sausage Cooked In the Oven

Sausage cooked in oven for a sausage breakfast sandwich made with biscuit sitting on a white plate.

Sausage cooked in the oven is one of the easiest and cleanest ways to make an easy sausage biscuit sandwich. You can add gravy, eggs, cheese, salsa and other favorites for variety. Cooking sausage in the oven is so much easier, cleaner and almost hands off for preparation. Sausage patties only need to be turned once and they are baked to perfection. Put a pan of biscuits in when you…

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Six chocolate chip cookies with nuts piled on a round white plate with a red and white checked napkin in top left.

The best chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, full of melted chocolate in every delicious buttery bite! This ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe originated years ago from Betty Crocker. You know the big red and white cookbook with the page for the cookie recipe about to fall out – stained with a splash of vanilla! This cookie dough is simple to mix up and bake in the oven. Enjoy…

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Southern Banana Pudding

Southern Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafers and Meringue Topping in a White Casserole Dish on a tablecloth with crystal candle holder.

Southern banana pudding topped with melt in your mouth meringue is so rich, creamy and delicious. This classic recipe is homemade goodness and comfort in a dish. It’s so easy, quick and inexpensive to prepare you’ll wonder why you haven’t made it more often. Treat yourself today! How to Make For the best banana pudding you’ve ever made, you will need a box of vanilla wafers, less than a cup…

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Chicken Cheesesteak

Chicken Swiss Philly Sandwiches

Chicken Cheesesteak can be prepared and ready to eat in 30 minutes. Prepare this recipe with chicken instead of beef for a healthy alternative.  Combine bell peppers, onions, and your choice of other ingredients such as mushrooms and jalapenos. Top with Swiss cheese, American or Provolone for a mouth-watering treat. Faster than fast food – and you control what ingredients are in it.  How to Make Chicken Cheesesteak at Home…

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Banana Oatmeal

White Bowl with healthy banana oatmeal topped with walnuts. Spoon on right side of bowl.

Banana oatmeal is a healthy oatmeal breakfast! Top it with chopped walnuts to give it some crunch and a little maple syrup for extra sweetness.   It actually changed the way I thought about oatmeal.  Instead of individual cardboard like flakes this oatmeal is a creamy delightful texture.  I think that cooking it on the stove for a couple of minutes, using milk and a mashed banana gives it that…

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Chicken Tetrazzini

Chicken tetrazzini recipe made with spaghetti, parmesan cheese, and a creamy homemade sauce served in a clear casserole dish baked with cheese on top.

All fresh ingredients and no cream of anything soup makes this Chicken Tetrazzini a savory casserole to serve for dinner tonight.  It is easy to prepare using a rotisserie chicken, or you can cook a batch of chicken in your slow cooker or see how to cook and shred chicken using your Instant Pot.  Serve it with a Caesar salad and some garlic bread for a complete meal.  Enjoy something classy (and easy) for dinner…

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Easy Corn Casserole {Jiffy Cornbread Creamed Corn}

Easy corn casserole made with jiffy cornbread mix and cream corn baked in a 9x13 glass casserole dish.

The recipe for Easy Corn Casserole {Jiffy Cornbread Creamed Corn} is made with Jiffy corn muffin mix, whole kernel corn, sweet creamed corn, sour cream and butter. See how simple it is to make a homemade side dish that is delicious and perfect for many occasions. We like to serve it with pork tenderloin, tilapia, salmon patties, or honey-lime chicken! Want to see recipe variations or ways to serve this…

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Easy Omellete: How to Make an Omellete with Ham and Cheese

Easy Omellete: Plate with Omellete with Ham and Cheese

Easy Omellete Healthy Breakfast Try my omellete recipe for a delicious, comforting, filling and healthy breakfast today and learn how to make a good omellete! How to make a good omellete? For my recipe on how to make a good omellete, you place all vegetables and meats in a nonstick skillet and sauté them for about 5 minutes until they are tender.  This especially helps to wilt the vegetables like spinach.…

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Chicken Rotel Spaghetti

Chicken rotel spaghetti in a cassrole dish.

Chicken Rotel Spaghetti is Southern Comfort Food from the Deep South.  It is easy to make and delicious to eat now and later!  Sometimes I get a craving for creamy, cheesy pasta and chicken. This dish is a wonderful blend since you use thin spaghetti it keeps the texture light.  The tomatoes and green chilies add just the right kick without it being overwhelmingly spicy.  The Velveeta cheese makes it…

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Italian Casserole {Crescent Rolls}

Italian Crescent Roll Casserole on a plate

Italian Casserole {Crescent Rolls} is a delicious and easy Italian Crescent Roll Bake recipe with only 4 ingredients.  When will dinner be ready?  In 30 minutes!  Fill the house with a wonderful aroma of Italian spices and bread baking. Serve with a garden or Caesar salad for a complete meal.  What a warm and welcoming dinner to make tonight! How to Make Italian Crescent Roll Bake I just love a…

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How To Make Oat Milk

Oat milk in a glass.

Want to know how to make oat milk at home? This easy recipe shows you how to use your NutriBullet or blender to make a single serving of oat milk from oats and water. The result is a creamy plant-based dairy-free alternative to milk. Use it for your baking recipes, coffee, tea, and cereal. Serve up a cold glass with our almond butter cookies or energy balls! What is Oat…

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Salmon Patties

easy salmon patty recipe

Try this easy salmon patty recipe when you need a quick, hearty, inexpensive and delicious meal. Using 3 ingredients and a little oil is all it takes to make a tasty main dish in about 15 minutes! Why is the Easy Salmon Patty Recipe the Perfect Main Dish? This salmon recipe has 3 ingredients plus a little oil. Moreover, the meat of the ingredient is shelf stable – packaged or…

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Savory Carrots and Pineapple Side Dish

Carrot recipe prepared with pineapple tidbits for a healthy dinner side dish.

Carrot Recipe This easy carrot recipe blends fresh carrots and pineapple for a side dish that is easy to make, inexpensive, and delicious!  It is full of healthy vitamins that provide immune system and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Brighten your dinner table with its beautiful colors today and get a healthy dose of vitamins, too.   Try a fresh new carrot side dish recipe with pork tenderloin for a great dinner idea that everyone will…

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How to Make Potato Milk

Potato milk made at home in a mason jar.

Do you want to know how to make potato milk at home? It is a super easy process using your NutriBullet or blender, a medium potato and a little sweetener plus water. This dairy-free option joins other plant-based beverages such as soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, hazelnut milk and oat milk. The difference is that you can buy the other dairy alternatives at your local supermarket, but potato milk…

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Chex Party Mix Recipe in the Oven

Chex Party Mix

Chex Party Mix is one of our favorite snack recipes. The whole house smells wonderful when you are baking a batch and everyone comes in ready to grab a handful. This is an easy recipe to prepare and share for any gathering. Take Chex Party Mix to football tailgate parties, holiday celebrations, baby showers, wedding showers, picnics, potlucks, and family parties. See recipe card below for easy to follow instructions.…

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Grill Tilapia Indoors – Step by Step Instructions

Plate with grilled tilapia and 3 lime slices on top

Are you wondering how to grill tilapia indoors?  I use my Cuisinart Griddler to make delicious grilled fish super fast!  You could easily use a George Foreman grill or other brand indoor grill or panini maker.  Alternately you could also use a skillet on top of the stove if you flip it half way through cooking.  It only takes a few minutes to have healthy and tasty grilled fish for…

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Quesadilla Recipe

Chicken Quesadilla with spinach and cheese on a plate

This quesadilla recipe is the answer for a quick lunch, supper or snack. Quesadillas are a great way to use whatever ingredients you have available. I made this one with shredded chicken, spinach, a mixture of onions, tomatoes and bell peppers and Swiss cheese. For the final dish you can use salsa or ranch dressing for an easy dip. Since you use cooked ingredients to make the quesadilla, you can…

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Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken Salad

Sometimes nothing but a good chicken salad recipe will do! I don’t know about you, but I get a craving for a delicious sandwich or salad with it from time to time. Sometimes I like it plain with just chicken, celery and a little mayonnaise. Other times I like it all dressed up with grapes and nuts! This is an easy dressed up recipe.  It makes about 4 servings so…

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Black and White Beans in the Instant Pot

Black and White Beans in Instant Pot

Use dried beans for this recipe for black and white beans in the instant pot.  They are healthy, inexpensive and easy to keep in the pantry.  There is no need to soak them beforehand if you are using this cooking method.  It takes just minutes to assemble the ingredients, put them in the pan, and let the instant pot do the work!…

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Healthy Baked Salmon Recipe

Baked Fresh Salmon on a plate topped with 3 lemons next to fresh cooked asparagus

This healthy baked salmon recipe is easy, delicious and quick to prepare in 15 minutes or less. It is one of my go-to dishes for a dinner idea because you can use frozen (think in my freezer already) or fresh fish.  If using frozen fish, just place the salmon in its plastic wrapped package in a dish in the sink.  Next, run cold water over it and it will thaw…

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How To Boil Eggs

Mother's Recipe: How to Boil Egg

Do you know how to boil eggs? Everyone seems to have a general idea of the process: put eggs in water and boil. But, how long do you boil eggs to make the perfect hard cooked egg?  Do you start with hot or cold water? Do you add anything to the water? How do you peel them? If you turn to the internet or friends for an answer, you will…

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Shrimp and Grits in the Instant Pot

Shrimp and grits prepared in instant pot on a plate ready to eat

Shrimp and Grits in the Instant Pot Shrimp and grits are a classic Southern Recipe.  Using your instant pot to help you prepare it is a modern twist on an old favorite.  I prepared Old Fashioned Grits in the Instant Pot for a hands free grit making experience – no standing over the stove for 20 minutes constantly stirring.  Just put a little olive oil, water, salt, Cajun seasoning, and grits…

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Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes cooked in Instant Pot on a plate with asparagus

Simple Directions Using the instant pot to cook sweet potatoes has been a game changer for me!  They always turn out soft and delicious.  Such an easy and healthy side dish.  Wash the sweet potatoes and put them in the instant pot on a rack with about an inch of water in the bottom.  Set for manual 25 minutes and get ready for pure goodness.  Enjoy! How to Cook Using…

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Meatball Sandwich

meatball sandwich

A meatball sandwich or sub sandwich is a simple recipe to make.  It takes only a few ingredients and is ready in 30 minutes.  You can freeze the cooked meatballs and sauce for an easy meal whenever you need it.  It also makes a great meal to take camping or tailgating.  You could even serve on tiny buns for a party snack or  just serve the meat and sauce only…

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Sausage Cheese Balls

Sausage Cheese Balls

This recipe for sausage cheese balls is super easy with only 3 ingredients, and they bake in 20 minutes.   After baking, you can freeze them and pop them in the microwave later for a quick breakfast or after school snack.  Take them camping and everyone starts the day in a great mood. They are the perfect party food – easy to make, easy to take and easy to serve! How to…

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Biscuit Casserole

Biscuit Casserole Southern Recipe

Biscuit Casserole Try this Biscuit Casserole for a comforting main dish tonight.  It is so easy to make and you can use your choice of ground beef, ground chicken, or ground turkey.  The simple ingredients come together so well you will wonder why you haven’t tried it before! How to Make Biscuit Casserole Cook 1 pound of ground beef, ground chicken, or ground turkey and 1 chopped onion in a…

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4th of July Pie

  4th of July Pie Celebrate Independence Day with this 4th of July Pie! This is a fruity pie that is bursting with flavors that are perfect for a fireworks filled evening.  It would be a welcome ending to the fireworks celebration, served hot and topped with some cold vanilla ice cream.  To see how to pull off this dessert showpiece read more……

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Nacho Bell Peppers

Green and yellow bell peppers with cooked ground beef topped with shredded cheese on a baking sheet.

If you are looking for a different dinner idea, try this recipe for easy to make Nacho Bell Peppers for dinner tonight!  Simple to make and easy to clean up! I like to get ground beef from Sam’s Club, divide it up, and then freeze it. The packages are normally 5 pounds or so, and I split them into four Ziploc bags. Most of the time I use just over a pound of ground beef…

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Banana Oatmeal