Food Calories List

Food calories list showing values for calories and other nutritional information.

Food Calories List

The food calories list is an alphabetical listing in table format for everyday foods listing their calorie content by average portion in ounces. It contains values for calories in food, total fat (g), cholesterol (mg) and sodium (mg).

Food Calories

The table has categories for the basic food groups of a balanced diet including meat and poultry, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and breads, pasta and rice.

The nutritional values are useful if you want to view calorie content as part of a weight loss low-calorie diet when you are counting calories. You can download a complete list of calories in food pdf below!

Total Fat Content of Foods

The table also contains values for total fat grams so you can monitor fat intake as part of a low-fat diet or as part of a heart-healthy diet. You can substitute low fat foods for higher fat foods to obtain your healthy eating goals.

Cholesterol Values of Foods

Cholesterol mg values for foods are also easy to find in the alphabetical arrangement. This is helpful for choosing low cholesterol foods as part of a low-cholesterol or cholesterol reducing diet plan.

Sodium Content in Foods

Sodium mg values of everyday foods will help you decide on food choices for a low-sodium diet or if you are monitoring sodium intake for cardiovascular health.

The free pdf is printable and will make a handy reference chart to make good nutrition choices for your diet!

The easy to read chart shows quantity of food and related values for important nutritional information and is sourced from the USDA database.

You can view the chart below or download the pdf to save as a reference guide. The pdf is printable.

Free PDF Download for Food Calories List

Want to save and print a reference copy of the food calories list with total fat, cholesterol and sodium content? Download a pdf of the nutrition guide by clicking below.

Food Calories, Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium Values

Nutrition Guide
(Sourced from USDA database)
Meat and PoultryOunceCal Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)
Beef (roast rump, lean)3177     7.908251
Lamb (roast leg, lean)3158     6.0011070
Pork (roast leg, lean)3189     9.408054
Veal (broiled)3184     9.409080
PoultryOunceCal Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)
Chicken (roast dark meat, no skin)3151     7.406481
Chicken (roast light meat, no skin)3130     3.506443
Duck (roast, with skin)3286   24.107150
Turkey (roast, skin removed)3128     2.208357
FishOunceCal Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)
Cod (steamed)371     0.806085
Salmon (steamed)3167   11.008094
Scallops (steamed)389     1.2034230
Shrimp (boiled)399     0.901701350
Dairy ProductsOunceCal Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)
Butter (1 tablespoon)0.5100   11.3031116
Brie Cheese2187   15.5056352
Cheddar Cheese2226   18.6059347
Cottage, creamed258     2.508227
Cream  Cheese2195   19.5062166
Edam2200   15.6050540
Cream, Half and Half2/3 cup195   17.305662
Egg, boiled1 large87     6.1076301
Milk (whole)2/3 cup92     5.002174
Fruits and VegetablesOunceCal Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)
Apple (1 medium)580     0.8001.4
Avocado5234   23.0005.6
Banana (1 medium)5120     0.3001.4
Pineapple (1 slice)573     0.3001.4
Strawberries552     0.7001.4
VegetablesOunceCal Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)
Broccoli (boiled)433     0.30012
Cabbage (boiled)424     0.30021
Potato (boiled)497     0.1006
Sweet potato (boiled )4119     0.30015
Bread Pasta and RiceOunceCal Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)
White (1 slice)167     0.800127
Whole Wheat (1 slice)161     0.800132
Pasta (boiled)5155     0.6001.4
Rice (boiled)5153     0.1008.4
Food Calories List

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